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Canadian Life Sciences Industry Forecast 2013

There are a number of key findings from the forecast that can be used by industry and government to shape the future for the Canadian life sciences sector.

1. Outlook & challenges

Short-term confidence has declined slightly due to the difficulty of raising capital. Respondents have progressed in the product development life cycle and need in excess of CA$1 billion of capital to achieve further growth.

2. Access to capital

Access to capital remains challenging, with Canadian organizations increasingly looking for partnerships and licensing strategies to fund operations.

3. Government partnership

A majority of respondents are asking the government to facilitate access to risk capital and ensure existing capital programs and incentives are broadly applicable to support the life sciences sector.

4. 3 Ps – Products, profits & places

Respondents to our survey are more mature companies with more than half of the respondents indicating current profitability. About 79% of respondents will use new capital in their operations for growth displacing research and development (R&D) as the number one choice for the first time. Over three quarters of our respondents indicate that they do not plan to relocate any portion of their business activities outside of Canada.

5. Liquidity – Mergers, acquisitions & strategic alliances

The Canadian life sciences sector continues to evolve with pharmaceutical companies facing continuing pressure from a number of blockbuster drugs coming off patent, low R&D productivity, changes in healthcare reform and the advent of personalized medicine. Companies have adapted by altering their business models and are seeking licensing or mergers and acquisitions (M&A) as a solution to their growth challenges.

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