Better Healthcare

Modern Medicines Improving the Lives of Canadians

The majority of biotech research in Canada is health-based and over 80 percent of Canadians overwhelmingly support research and the use of products and processes that use biotechnology. 


The largest sector of biotechnology, health biotech firms create products including therapies and drugs, vaccines and new diagnostic and testing equipment.
  • Therapeutics – new biologic drugs include skin grown for burn victims, gene and stem cell therapies, new drugs and personalized medicine
  • Diagnostics – test kits for HIV, or diabetes provide new, lower cost, options to test for devastating diseases quickly and effectively

Biotechnology plays an important role as a preventative tool in the health care system. Screening patients for susceptibility to disease and providing vaccinations against the onset of disease has impacted millions of Canadians. Improved diagnostic tools help doctors and researchers detect disease and design targeted treatments for patients.

The occurrence of side effects can be minimized by understanding how a person's genetic makeup affects their capacity to metabolize medicines. We can target the right treatment for the right person more efficiently, lessening the strain on an overburdened health care system.

Biotechnology can improve your health by using and understanding of your genetic code to fight diseases, and it gives doctors the tools to not only treat disease, but prevent and cure diseases with a personalized approach.

Stem cells are building block cells for every organ, tissue and cell in the human body. Your own stem cells could one day help restore parts of your body that become damaged due to disease or injury.

Submission to Senate Standing Committee Social Affairs, Science and Technology (October 2014)

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