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Save up to $10,000 through our business development suite with discounts on insurance, leading industry publications, lab equipment and major international conferences.

As a BIOTECanada member, your organization can benefit from cost-saving group purchasing programs for discounts on services, supplies and events including:




  • Sound Insurance - Discounts on home and auto insurance for your employees


Human Resources



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Member Feedback on BioWorld Today

"The dollars we save on the subscribing to BioWorld through BIOTECanada covers the cost of our BIOTECanada membership almost 4 times over. So, it makes it a no brainer to subscribe to BioWorld"'

               -Jeff Charpentier, Chief Financial Officer, viDA Therapeutics Inc.

“BioWorld Today is a daily “must read” for any life science executive. Notwithstanding all other benefits, the subscription discount provided by BIOTECanada is by itself reason to become a member”

               -Niclas Stiernholm, President & CEO, Trillium Therapeutics Inc.

"I provide management services to a number of biotech and biopharm companies in Canada, the US and Europe.  Most are in the space of oncology and particularly immunotherapy of cancer which is one of the hottest areas today in biopharm.  It would be impossible for me to keep up with business and scientific developments without my daily subscription to BioWorld.  The ability to access BioWorld at the significant discount offered by BIOTECanada is, to me, a major benefit of membership and a major value builder to my business.  On more than one occasion, my clients have been very surprised at my ability to let them know about significant events in our business as soon as they are announced, thanks to my BioWorld subscription."

               -Joseph Elliot, PhD, President, Biopharm Management Inc.

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