Biotech Company of the Year

Award Description

This award recognizes a Canadian biotech company that has distinguished itself from its peers with strong overall performance as a company, demonstrated leadership and shown significant achievement. It will have reached milestones in terms of financing, product introduction, and / or partnerships during the year that has allowed the company to be recognized as a leader. The company will have established a solid foundation for a strong and diverse pipeline, and impressive potential for sales and earnings. This award is based on performance in the previous calendar year.

Agrisoma BioSciences Inc. (2014)

Agrisoma Biosciences Inc., in an amazingly short period of time Agrisoma has brought about several "world first" accomplishments focussed on the development of drop in aviation biojet fuel created from the industrial oilseed, brassica carinata. Agrisoma coordinated the world’s first civilian 100% biojet fuel flight (Oct 2012) using the industrial oilseed carinata in collaboration with the National Research Council Aerospace, Applied Research Associates and Chevron Lumus Global. Agrisoma was also responsible for the world's first "in- flight" emissions testing, confirming emissions reductions for aviation biofuel that until now had only been tested using on ground testing techniques (2012). Aerosol emissions were reduced by 50%, engine performance was comparable and for the first time, fuel efficiency was shown to increase by 1.5% over conventional petroleum JetA1.

Steve Fabijanski, Agrisoma (left) receives award presented by Sandy Marshall.

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