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Award Description

This award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated initiative, commitment and support for the industry through the national biotechnology association in such areas as committee work, championing the association to stakeholders, or facilitating the efforts of association staff. The individual’s contributions, creativity, leadership, personal drive to excel, persistence and the ability to inspire others have been demonstrated throughout the year.

Dr. Cathy Lau, Janssen Pharmaceutical Inc. (2013)

Dr. Cathy Lau continues to be instrumental in the advancement of BIOTECanada’s engagement in health policy issues. It is her contribution to the Subsequent Entry Biologics (SEB) Task Force for which she is being awarded by BIOTECanada staff, Contribution to the Association. SEBs, which are generic equivalents to novel biologics by innovator companies, are currently being assessed by regulators and stakeholders.

Cathy is a tireless advocate for the health biotechnology industry, and her scientific and regulatory knowledge guarantee industry’s perspectives regarding the scientific standards required for regulatory approval of SEBs are heard. Cathy’s exceptional leadership in the National Summit on SEBs resulted in securing the participation of Health Canada, medical and scientific experts. Ultimately building and executing a program with lasting impact of everyone involved.

Cathy spearheaded the dissemination of this important discussion. In the development of a Chairman’s Report and the publication of a meeting report in the scientific journal Biologicals, Cathy helped ensure that the results of the meeting were brought to the a��ention of national and international policymakers.

Cathy is a model member representative who is goal oriented and noted for her ability to build alliances. She is quick to recognize and credit others for their work, and this award serves as an opportunity to do the same for her.

Past Award Recipients

2013 - Dr. Cathy Lau, Janssen Pharmaceutical Inc.
2012 - John Dorsey, Novartis
2011 - Gordon Jans, PricewaterhouseCoopers
2010 - Dr. Karen Burke (AMGEN) & Mr. James Willoughby (Hoffman-LaRoche)
2009 - Dr. Lesia Babiak, Janssen-Ortho Inc.
2008 - Deborah Brown, EMD Serono
2007 - Bob Ingratta, Vice President of Regulatory & International Affairs, Monsanto Canada and Chair, BIOTECanada Agriculture & Nutrition Advisory Board
2007 - Christian Blouin, Director, Vaccine Division, Merck Frosst Canada and Chair, BIOTECanada Vaccine Industry Committee
2006 - Dr. Luis Barreto, Vice-President of Public Policy, Sanofi Pasteur  
2005 - John Mendlein, President & CEO, Affinium Pharmaceuticals (former)
2004 - Paul Hastings, President and CEO, QLT Inc.
2003 - Brian Kerslake, Senior Marketing Manager, VWR International
2002 - Claude-André Lachance, Director of Public Policy, Dow Chemicals Canada and Myka Osinchuck, (former) Executive Director, BioAlberta
2001 - Art Stirling, Government & Industry Relations Manager, Pioneer Hi-Bred Limited*

* Award for Contribution to the Industry - combined with Contribution to Advancing the Benefits of Biotech for Canadians in 2002.

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