Industry Leadership

Award Description

This award is given to the individual who demonstrates exemplary vision and leadership in Canadian biotechnology in a global context, in terms of  of industry development and/or commercial success. The recipient is recognized for their commitment to promoting and supporting the growth of the biotech industry in Canada.

David Main (2014)

As President & CEO of Aquinox Pharmaceuticals Inc. since its inception, he has continued to perfect his brand of leadership and to motivate and inspire his colleagues to realize his vision for the company’s success. David’s ability to provide leadership and to achieve significant results goes well beyond his employees. In spite of the challenging economic climate, Aquinox has attracted over U.S. $40 million in capital over the last five years, including investments by pharmaceutical giants Pfizer and J&J.

In just two years, Aquinox was able to leap from preclinical development to a mid-stage clinical company wielding positive proof-of-concept human activity data in two models of airway inflammation on a first-in-class compound for a novel target. In 2014, David led Aquinox to a significantly new level of success as it was approved in early March for listing on the NASDAQ under the symbol “AQXP”, Aquinox announced on March 12, 2014 the closing of its initial public offering of 4,830,000 shares of its common stock at a public offering price of $11.00. After deducting the underwriting discounts, commissions and other estimated offering expenses, the net proceeds of the IPO were approximately $47.0 million.

David Main (right) receives award from Paul Petrelli.

Past Award Recipients

2014 - David Main
2013 - Albert Friesen Ph.D
2012 - David Allan
2011 - Yves Rosconi
2010 - Murray McLaughlin, Sustainable Chemistry Alliance
2009 - Natalie Dakers, Centre for Drug Research and Development
2008 - Dr. John Evans, MaRS
2007 - Ray Mowling, Council for Biotechnology Information (Canada)
2006 - Dr. Alex McPherson, Biomira
2005 - Theresa Kennedy, Hill & Knowlton Canada
2004 - Peter McCann, President of Ag-West Bio Inc. (Retired)
2003 - J. Mark Lievonen, President, Aventis Pasteur
2002 - Gord Surgeoner, President, Ontario Agri-Food Technologies
2001 - Burleigh Trevor-Deutsch, Bioethicist, Burleigh Trevor-Deutsch Consulting


Mr. Michael Abrams (Inimex)
Dr. David Cox (BioAlberta)
Mr. Rory Francis (PEI BioAlliance)
Ms. Diane Gosselin (CQDM)
Mr. Andy Sheldon (Medicago)

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